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Automation and control of public procurement

The information-analytical system "Automation and control of public procurement" is intended for the organization of the committees competitive bidding and supervision of their activities. The system is implemented in accordance with laws and regulations in the field of public procurement, using modern web-based technologies.


Web Observer

The system is based on web-technology, and is designed for the rapid collection, structuring and storing information from public sources. In the simplest version of the system are the sources for the publication on the web-sites, online publications and news portals. In particular cases it may be structured data, for example, quotes or personal data, e-mails or documents from the local network. Thus, in a single interface, the user can find the information received from the various channels.


Portal of distance education and training

The unique system that allows the audience to raise the level of knowledge on the job performance of their duties. The software is a high-tech and most advanced in Ukraine, for its creation were used the most advanced technology. The system is easy to use and has an intuitive interface. The apparent advantage is the ability to access the system through a personal and tablet computers.


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