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Software Development

One of the basic directions of activity of Softica is a design, development and support Internet / Intranet systems, websites and corporate intranet portals. To solve these tasks we use solutions and software platforms from world leaders, as well as software products of its own design. This approach allows any customer to find a necessary and affordable solution.

Website development

The Softica company offers its customers a wide range of services related to the creation of its own representation in the Internet. The company has a high-quality representation in the Internet not only enhances the image of the company, but also demonstrates the reliability and thoroughness of the company. At the same time, the absence of the Website or its poor quality can not only scare the client, but also adversely affect the image of the company as a whole. There is a misconception that the power of the Internet to create a just end image. Web site allows you to organize an additional channel of communication with customers and partners. Posting of a detailed catalog of products and services not only provide visitors with a choice, but also reduce the burden of your employees. But that's not all. Recently, the Internet became widely spread and reached a new level, offering many different services, so Internet presence will enable the creation of new lines of business and provide a range of additional services.

Development of Intranet portals

Corporate Intranet Portal (CIP) - the internal corporate information system based on web-based and designed specifically for the management and operation of the information, the organization of access to documents within the company. Instrumentation allows employees to effectively use the accumulated corporate knowledge, to respond to everything that happens in the company, and to organize an effective process of group work

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