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"WebObserver" scans attached to her sources, analyzes, updates, processes and new pages or documents, releasing them only the necessary information. Then, the information is structured, indexed and stored in its own database. Users of the system has the ability to search a stored database to receive the original documents, create statistical reports and digests, customize personal news stream and receive notifications of finding new information.

The main functions of the solution "WebObserver":

  • Operational excavation, analysis, indexing and preservation of new publications of interest to sources
  • The semantic sort of historical data on the headings
  • Prompt notification to employees by e-mail about finding information of interest
  • Automated creation of reports and digests topics of interest
  • Export selected publications
  • Assessment of information activities of companies or persons on the basis of statistical reports
  • Maintain an information archive for the entire period of operation of the system, the formation of different profiles
  • Effective search and information processing in the accumulated archive
  • Forming a personal stream of publications on professional subjects for each of the users.

offered "WebObserver":

  • monitoring of the most important events in society, politics, economics and other fields;
  • Tracking information on the reputation of certain persons and a company's image, the formation of the dossier;
  • monitoring of competitors and market trends;
  • monitoring information that is held in the electronic media until it is in printed form;
  • controlling leakage of confidential data, definitions of primary sources aggressive or false information;
  • construction of analytical and statistical reports;
  • Working with archives stored information.

The effects of
the use of "WebObserver":

  • operational monitoring, timely response;
  • the creation of a common knowledge base;
  • information to support decision-making;
  • creation of personalized information flows.
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